Get out of your own way.

Understand your behaviour,

identify stuck-points, vulnerabilities

and knots from early childhood.


By looking at somatic patterns, thought patterns and emotional patterns, you can free yourself from habitual responses

and see your blind spots.


Embark on YOUR own journey.

A homecoming, to the here and now.

A process in which you reconcile

your inner and outer world.

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Client Feedback
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Nathania is a very warm and heartfelt person, I al-ways felt welcomed. She supported me on my per-sonal journey and believed in me through out in achie-ving my personal goals. She encouraged me to be patient toward myself and stick with the process. I gained new perspectives and approaches from Nathania, she has great ideas, practical new strategies and methods for take-home.

Anja Aeschbach

Nathania is very natural, humorous and knowledge-able. She supported me in looking closer and going deeper. I’ve gained a lot of trust in myself, a lot of emotional healing is hap-pening. Nathania is totally non-judgemental, very aware and insightful. I would re-commend Nathania to anyone who is ready to make changes, take responsibility and work through their deeper emo-tional issues.

Sonia Sarina


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